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5th Session of Lusophone Film Fest at Alliance française de Bangkok 19-24 June 2017
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It’s time for your favorite films around the world!

The fifth edition of the Lusophone Film Fest Bangkok will be held @ Alliance Francaise from 19th to 24th June, 2017 as of 7 p.m. , daily except on opening day it will be held from 8:00 p.m. and saturday two sessions with one satring from 11:00 a.m., screening the movies as followed:
- Waste Land – Brazil
- Triangle – Angola/Portugal/Brazil
- Macau Sam assi – Macau
- The Ball – Mozambique
- 3×3 – Portugal
- Isle of Flowers – Brazil
- Virgin Margarida – Mozambique
- Where The Sun Rises – Timor-Leste
- Journey to Cape Verde – Portugal
- The Brats and the Toy Thief – Mozambique
- Giant – Portugal
- O Menino e o Mundo – Brazil

Subtitles in English
No Thai subtitles

Recognised with international awards at film festivals around the globe, the cinema from the Portuguese-speaking world is still mostly unknown to the general public. This 240 million people linguistic community is a thriving one, promoting over 80 film festivals and cinema awards every year, with movies mostly consumed in the respective countries.
The Lusophone Film Fest is a showcase of the diversity of film production in the eight Portuguese-speaking countries spread across 4 continents. The festival presents multiple works (documentaries, animations, shorts and feature films), in sessions of several films from the different countries.

Address:Alliance française de Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

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