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Securing your health from summer-month ailments in Thailand
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While your wellbeing is a concern at any time of the year, the summer months in Thailand come with a number of specific health challenges. Summer ailments often require only a bit of common sense to prevent. The problem can be when an illness strikes and you need to seek medical treatment to address it. This article by our partner, Pacific Prime Thailand, highlights some key things to think about when it comes to your health in the Land of Smiles.

Heat stroke

Temperatures during the summer months in Thailand can average 29 celsius but can also get as high as 37 celsius. With such intense heat, it’s important to ensure that you’re looking after your health. Heat stroke is a common illness that people can suffer, but one that’s easily preventable.


Protecting yourself from heat ailments doesn’t take much. Keep hydrated, stay in the shade where possible, and avoid being outside when temperatures reach the extreme. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two different things, so it pays to know what to look for.

Water-borne illnesses

Whether it’s time to hit the beach or lakes or you simply find yourself stuck in one of Thailand’s notorious summer rainstorms, water-borne illnesses are a serious concern when it’s hot and wet. Illnesses, such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid, can be contracted through water. Malaria, contracted through mosquitoes, can also be a problem in some areas as the insects carry the disease.


Vaccinations can help protect you from certain illnesses, whilst being smart about using insect repellent and wearing clothes covering your skin, being aware of the water you choose to swim in, and being careful about liquids you drink can help stop you from getting sick.

Food poisoning

With consistently warm and wet weather, you can be at a higher risk of eating spoiled or contaminated food in Thailand. Street vendors and other outdoor eateries can be prime spots for things like meat that can spoil in the sun, so it pays to be careful when eating at such places. Suffering food poisoning can mean things like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.


Besides being a cause of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, sunburns themselves pose a pretty significant health threat, especially to expats. Skin cancer is a significant issue around the world including Thailand. Serious sunburns not only impact your ability to move but can also carry the risk of developing cancer (melanoma and non-melanoma).


Sunscreen is a good way to protect your skin but reducing the skin’s exposure to sun is the best. That means wearing light but long sleeve clothing, hats, and sticking to shaded areas as much as possible.

Getting coverage for your health in Thailand

Taking preventative measures is always a good first step to protecting your health and wellbeing in summer months but what happens if you do fall ill? Whilst it might be tempting to simply head home and ride it out, sometimes this can make a summer ailment worse. Seeking appropriate medical assessment and treatment should be a priority for you in Thailand and our partner, Pacific Prime Thailand, can help.


Their expert advisors have years of experience securing private medical insurance coverage for both expats and locals alike; catering for local and international needs, basic and comprehensive. With the cost of medical treatments at private hospitals in Thailand being quite expensive, having appropriate coverage can help you get the treatment you need – faster.


For a free quote, contact the team at Pacific Prime Thailand today.

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