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Why the Grass always seems to be Greener
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It would have been all to easy for me to simply blog on travel in and around Thailand. More so as I know from a survey I carried out last month that this is what most readers want to know about. It was with good fortune however that debate on Thailand matters came second, you see this is where my passion rests. I think a lot, too much in fact and I use this site fundamentally to share my feelings and opinions on my experience of living in Thailand.

What do readers of Dan about Thailand want to read

Just for your interest, I had just over 50 replies to the poll – so fairly small – but useful nonetheless. Here is the top 10, in order, things people say they want to read about on Thailand from my site. I was some what surprised to see ‘working in Thailand’ as having the least interest as I get many messages from readers asking for advice on just that subject.


Is the Grass always Greener?

This blog is in follow up to a couple of things. Firstly, my last vlog that discussed my reason for leaving the UK to come and live in Thailand and then secondly a comment I received regarding this. The vlog turned out to be one of my strongest posts in a couple of months and did particularly well on my social networks where it got well over 100 likes and 25 shares. It hit a chord of making the most of your short time on this world and having the confidence to make big decisions on your life and where it is heading, even if it turns out to be the wrong decision.

At this point, this blog title, about the grass always seeming greener, seems a complete oxymoron to that previous vlog hypothesis; but as one canny viewer commented – perhaps not. The comment suggested I have become far more philosophical in recent blogs on living in Thailand and they drew a conclusion I was perhaps thinking about moving on.

Their comment stopped me in my track. You see in many ways they made a spot on assessment but they probably reached this conclusions based on wrongful assumptions.

I have always loved my time in Thailand, more to the point Pattaya which is where I have always based myself. I quite often get messages from readers outside the country asking how it is possible to come and live in Thailand for so long as it is their dream. While I am answering them little do they know, or anyone else, that I have more recently started to seriously consider making a move – be that relocating somewhere else within the country or away from it altogether.


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